Sustainable, Efficient, and Automated Growth

The Situation

Demand is a sign of opportunity. It can also be a source of strain on a company. Steve Maeyaert, a supply chain director at Vista Outdoor, described the situation: “Due to the rapidly increasing demand, we found ourselves facing significant backlogs. Within those backlogs, there were shifting priorities.” Demand can create challenges, and if nothing changes, nothing changes. Vista Outdoor decided they needed a change.

The Challenge

“Our traditional model would be to ship from stock,” said Maeyaert, “where the customer would place an order, and we would fulfill from a warehouse at a very high rate.” With such increasing demand, this traditional model showed its shortcomings. It caused Vista Outdoor to jump in and perform manual work to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Simply put, Vista Outdoor needed a process that was sustainable and efficient.

The Solution

That’s when our team at On-Time Edge were introduced to Vista Outdoor. After introducing them to our constraints management approach, they were almost instantly in better position. “In about six to eight months,” said Maeyeart, “we were able to deploy a new solution across five additional focus factories.”

The Results

We immediately began to rely on those plans and schedules that were put in place. On-Time Edge really have demonstrated an ability to listen and understand our problems before just proposing solutions
Steve Maeyaert
Supply Chain Director

The Lasting Impact

Vista Outdoor has carried the tools and processes we introduced to them for a number of years. In Maeyeart’s words – ”they work for us.” The company was able to deploy a brand new ERP system across their sporting group, and they were able to do it quickly. In the end, we earned a fan. “Anybody else looking to reduce cost in general or increase output or optimize utilization of raw materials in their supply chain would find benefit.”

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