Outsourcing Your Office of Continuous Improvement

Leverage effective material flow as Your Engine of Value Creation in an insightful business process workshop. The focus: how today’s global market conditions require new business models that are more responsive to customer demands.

  1. Software and Continuous Improvement
    • Benefits of Production Planning & Scheduling Software
    • Limitations of purchasing Advanced Planning Scheduling Software without having a strategic framework for implementation
  2. Continuous Improvement Frameworks
    • Models, benefits and limitations
  3. Shifting Focus From Cost Cutting to Revenue & Profit Growth
    • Limitations on removing fixed costs
    • Getting A Better Understanding of Market-Aligned Pricing
    • Winning More Business Through Pricing Aligned with the Needs of Target Market Clients
  4. Raising Operating Performance of the Business
    • Identifying the Growth bottleneck
    • Maximizing Throughput (Contribution Margin) of the constrained resource (TOC)
    • Continually evaluate the fulfillment process or value stream from the perspective of the customer
  5. Increasing The Return On Capital
    • Continually evaluate the value stream from the perspective of the customer
    • Focus on Maximizing EVA (Net Operating Profit After Tax – Weighted Average Capital Cost)
    • Management Framework for Continuous Improvement
  6. The E.D.G.E.

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