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By sincerely EMBRACING the On-Time Edge solutions, companies serious about effecting immediate delivery and improving profit performance can make meaningful advances in less than a week, with measurable continuous improvement every week… for ever!

On-Time Edge and EpicFlow are partners of Patina Solutions. On-Time Edge and EpicFlow are interested in Patina Nation members who are willing to leverage their network to promote our services.

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We don’t ever expect you to try and sell anything on behalf of On-Time Edge and EpicFlow – just making the warm introduction to an executive is highly valuable to us.

We seek to meet with a variety of executives and senior managers across industries, roles and functions including the entire C-suite, HR, IT, Finance & Accounting, Operations, International and more.

Once you submit the information to us – we will follow up with you to discuss the best way forward (please know we will not contact your person until we have agreed to a plan of action with you).

We would be honored to share the On-Time Edge and EpicFlow value proposition with your respected colleagues.


HC Executive introduction; either via WebEx or in-person meeting, would be rewarded with “Dinner for Two” gift card (up to $200) at restaurant of choice anywhere in US

Epicflow software sale (projected to be ~$30,000 for year 1 software subscription and implementation consulting services) would be rewarded with a 10% referral fee of net software and consulting dollars for initial project implementation

Referral fee for continuous improvement consulting initiative in healthcare provider organization.

This type of initiative is truly strategic and transformational in nature.

What Will Be Your Edge?

Every organization has at least one constraint, a factor limiting it from earning more profit. Epicflow helps to achieve business objectives faster thanks to project synchronization, clear focus, and flow.

Stef Mentzel, has been using Epicflow and its earlier version for about eight years now. He finds the solution especially helpful in making accurate capacity projections. Epicflow has become a valuable addition to VieCuri’s hospital management system because it fills in the gaps that MS Project leaves in capacity management.

What sets Epicflow apart from other PM solutions is its what-if algorithm that calculates how many projects the team will still be able to undertake without being overloaded.

A Gift For You…

Enjoy a Complimentary Copy of Pride and Joy on us, as our Thanks for Attending the Webinar.

The protagonist’s hospital is facing extreme financial pressures (go figure) and they are ordering across the board cuts. Our hero is placed in a position to try and convince the admin team that they can’t attack financial issues in a silo. They lack a systems perspective to management, resulting in knee jerk reactions at every issue and attempt to solve them.

The real world protagonist is not the hospital president or COO but rather a 27 year old administration analyst appointed with the single task of reducing the length of stay for her community hospital. The book has helped her tremendously to do just that.

Pride and Joy took what she thought would have to be a very complex solution and simplified it. She was able to articulate how her team needed to move forward to simultaneously address quality, timeliness of care, and financial stability.

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