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What is Theory of Constraints?

Every organization has at least one constraint, a factor limiting it from earning more profit. Optimize for this bottleneck, and you can instantly unlock greater potential for growth. This is the core of the Theory of Constraints. But the real magic is in the details.

A proven process for profitable, sustainable growth


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When Theory of
Constraints Works

Truthfully, applying the Theory of Constraints can help any manufacturing-centric business perform optimally. But how do you know if Theory of Constraints can help solve your manufacturing challenges, or simply boost productivity and profitability? Here are just a few telltale signs.
• Your manufacturing has an urgent need to improve.
• You produce in a low volume, high product mix environment.
• You have identified bottlenecks in your production or assembly line.
• You run a complex manufacturing operation.

How We Use the Theory of
Constraints to Help You

Strategy and Management Consulting
Strategy and Management Consulting

With an average 25 years experience implementing the Theory of Constraints among our expert consultants, we will immerse ourselves in your business and make rapid improvements with immediate impact. Our philosophy is built on building sustainable growth, not spinning buzzwords and short-term solutions.

Throughput Accounting Consulting
Throughput Accounting Consulting

Throughput is the number of units that can be produced by a production process within a certain period of time. Using this as a foundation, we’ll perform an analysis to uncover any hidden opportunities to generate more profit. Throughput accounting is a low cost solution to gain greater clarity in business decisions, and can be implemented rapidly.

Software + Thoughtware Consulting and Implementation
Software + Thoughtware Consulting and Implementation

Many companies may address manufacturing and management challenges with software. We believe sustainable growth is 80% changing how you think about processes, and 20% implementing the right software to achieve it. We can help with both.

Two-Day Theory of Constraints Workshops
Two-Day Theory of Constraints Workshops

Our well-known two-day workshops take you through the details of Theory of Constraints and how you can put it to work in your business operations. These workshops are hands-on, practical, and limited to twelve attendees each for the best experience. You’ll walk out with steps you can immediately apply to your company, as well as an estimate of the financial and non-financial benefits you’ll achieve after implementing TOC.

Our Results, Quantified.

Theories are useless until put into practice.
Fortunately, we have proof of the power
behind the Theory of Constraints through our
work. Check the case study below.

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