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Industries We Serve

No complex manufacturing company operates at 100% efficiency. That means every complex manufacturing company has opportunity to improve. Our approach has been proven to help any manufacturing-centric industry increase performance across the board. These are just a few.
Industrial Equipment
Heavy Duty Transportation
Metal Fabrication and
Food and Beverage
Oil & Gas Extraction
and Transformation
Consumer Packaging
Medical Device
Aerospace & Defense Fabrication
& Equipment

Client Success Stories

Every Complex Manufacturer Faces Challenges

Here are some common symptoms that often point to
larger issues stunting your company’s growth:
• You have too much of the wrong products and not enough of the right ones
• You experience random, unpredictable buildups of components across the shop floor
• You often rely too much on tribal knowledge or spreadsheets
• Your on-time delivery performance falls short of commitments to your clients and senior management
• When it comes to customer promises, you feel like you may be your own worst enemy
• You feel like your internal team is operating in a constant state of chaos
We can help.

Manufacturing Consultants with The Edge

We are consultants, advisers, and trainers who help unlock complex manufacturers’ ability to make more, manufacture more, and sell more. When you work with us, you work with genuine partners who understand the importance of not just on-time delivery, but profitable on-time delivery.

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